[Captured from a small village]

A woman who went by Nemo was among the captured villagers from one of the small villages. None of the other villagers really knew her except as 'that one woman with wings who I sometimes see at the marketplace'. Kept to herself.

Her wings are probably her most defining feature. Large, red demonic wings. She's also got orange hair, braided with a green ribbon at the bottom. She's got a boring gray dress, however.

"So you think this is how it'll end this time?" she says, pretty much entirely to herself. "Looks like it could be it."

Join them. "No, wait, but..." Show off to them. It will be better for you. "No, I'm okay with -" She moves forward in the line. Everyone's waiting to be 'processed'. Most people are dreading what will happen, hoping someone will save them.

She has a pained expression on her face, like she's trying to hold something back. Like it hurts, it's something she doesn't want to do, and it's enough to make a tear run down her face. And then, as quick as a flash, her right hand extends and consumes one of the other villagers. Don't hold back. It's been a while... One by one, the other nearby villagers waiting to be processed begin to vanish. Devoured, the same way, leaving no trace behind.