[Captured from a small village]

The two soldiers doing paperwork at the table at the front of the line take notice as some of the other villagers start to panic. One of them is one of the clockwork automatons of the Black Dragon, the other, one of the humanoid androids from the Red Dragon, his face that of a man, though the rest of his body seems to be heavy armor. The guards standing nearby are a mix of clockwork automatons, some of the more animalistic robots from the Red Dragon, and a few of the cybernetic creatures of the Blue Dragon. The guards move back, slightly, away from Nemo, giving the villagers a chance to move behind them, putting the guards between Nemo and the villagers, who are mostly trapped behind them, against the holding area's fence.

Although they've drawn weapons, mostly energy rifles of some kind, none seem inclined to fire, simply assessing the winged woman for a moment.