[Captured from a small village]

The humanoid android from the registration table is indeed standing closer to her than the guards when Nemo opens her eyes. He looks a bit tense, but seems to relax slightly as she lowers her hands and complies. He nods at one of the other guards. Some of the remaining villagers peek around the guards, but none of them dares to say anything.

"Take over registration, I need to take her to Commander Kaydara," he says, then looks back to Nemo, and bends down slightly so he's closer to eye level with her. "Follow me."

He doesn't seem to be worried about her doing the same to him as she did to the villagers as he leads the way deeper into the complex of CAVE HQ, instead striding confidently in his heavy black armor, but not so fast that Nemo can't keep up with him. Curiously, he doesn't call for other guards to help escort her, either. But then, the number of randomly patrolling soldiers they come across in the course of the trip means that the likelyhood of Nemo escaping successfully should she attack him is very low, so it's not like he has terribly much to worry about.

The base is large enough that it takes the pair a solid 20 minutes of walking before they come to what seems to be a training facility of some kind. Various soldiers are practicing various exercises, from weapons familiarization and marksmanship to hand-to-hand techniques. When they eventually stop, it's in a training gym where a raven-haired woman is practicing against 5 machines at once. She herself might be one, too, given her slightly glowing red eyes, and the two small antennas on domes where her ears should be. Nemo's guard salutes her as she turns to look at him, and the drones in the room pause.

"Ah, the girl of interest, yes, Donnelly?" She moves around Nemo, looking her up and down, appraising her. "Doesn't look like much. But I guess looks are deceiving." She gives Nemo a friendly, but challenging smile. "What's your name, child?"