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    Annie continues to be a mechanical lifesaver.

    #1: based on previous discussion, Oberon will heal his Unquestioned King of the Riders stat.
    #2: I actually think I will elevate a second General: it’s time Morgina got to be a proper Threat. He’ll follow that up with healing his Impossible stat with his level up.

    Now into Bonds for a moment: you’re quite right that I missed he got Bonds on every level up! Let me fill in a few:

    Queen Halcyon was defiant, just like her daughter. Now her kingdom is mine forever.
    Kaja Ironpelt will never be free of her fear of me again.
    High Queen Ourania weakens every day. The next time we meet, I will be victorious.
    Added, of course, to Alina’s wound and Kazelia’s knows the secrets of the Riders.

    One more pending, depending on whether Oberon gets an extra level up.

    Okay, for this beat, I really do want to give you Fellowship with Argossa— consider it, like, an upgrade from getting meditation crystals and gift baskets from Feloria.

    Spoiler: Fellowship Options
    [*]Ourania helps you refine your magical talents together. Everyone gets one spell from their choice of each other’s spell lists; in addition, when working in concert, one princess can mark one of their own spells to allow another princess to use a previously marked spell.
    [*]Ourania has quiet conversations with each of you about your history and culture. Declare one thing that she reveals to you about your People; when you act upon this knowledge, act with Hope.
    [*]Ourania opens up her armory, and also her closets, outfitting you properly. Name a treasure of supreme value, describe what it does, and tell us how it must be used. On top of anything else, it is Precious.
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