[Captured from a small village - Red Mountain?]


Nemo looks at the seat on the mat. If she just sits down, then her wings will get in the way considering how low they go. Sitting is always a pain, and sitting on the floor gets uncomfortable quickly.

So she comes up with a plan of attack to sit. She first crouches, leaning forward, until she can get on her knees. She adjusts her shoulderblades until the wings are out of the way. Then, she sticks her left hand down to the ground so she can 'sit', leaning to the side with both legs together, off to the other side.

"So, yes, I guess I only recently arrived in that village," she explains. Tell her about - "To be honest, I don't really know what sort of things you want to know, but I'd be fine with joining this group, if that's a thing you want."

Nemo talks a bit more about herself, however. She also starts playing with a bunch of her hair that had fallen loose from her braid. "I've been through a lot," she hastily adds, "so it would probably work out. Like, it sounds unbelievable but I've survived through the destruction of this world so many times but every time that happens it's like somebody pushed a big 'undo' button and changed what happened." With no idea about what Kaydara is looking for, she just keeps on talking.