[Captured from a small village - HQ Training Gym]

Kaydara listens intently, making mental notes. When Nemo finally pauses, she interjects.

"I think you would fit right in. We are an alliance, built from many dimensions. Conquest is our primary objective, but the Dragons themselves have longer plans that we aren't always privy to. Even now, there is a longer game being planned out and put into action. Your knowledge of these other worlds that have ceased may be useful in those plans. But right now, I would like to know more about your abilities, and what you might need, from day-to-day. Anything special we should be aware of, beyond what you've already shown?"

Approaching CAVE

The gryphon seems to relax, slightly and nods.

"We are always interested in capable warriors to aid in our conquest. I will summon a Commander. They will ascertain your worthiness." He puts one of his rather massive fingers to an ear. A few moments later, a rotund man clad in a black lab coat, trimmed with brass and gold arrives on what's best described as an aerial contraption similar to a cross between a helicopter and a motorcycle. One eye is a green glass lens with an obvious focusing mechanism that clicks and whirs as he looks Gem up and down.

"You're the applicant? I see, I see," he says, nodding to himself. He gestures towards his contraption. "Come, my dear, let's take a ride to a more fitting place for a discussion of business."