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    Default Re: CAVE: Conquering Alliance of Villainous Evil!

    Approaching CAVE -> Southeast Peak

    The contraption is loud, shakes like a leaf on a tree, and smells faintly of goats while it's running, but it manages to whisk the pair up to a rather large, hidden hangar on the Southeast peak. Clockwork robots abound inside of all shapes and sizes, most of them constructed of brass and various stones. Gem's host leads her to a small conference room just off the hangar, and shuts the door, before flopping into one of the large, leather chairs and putting his feet up on the table.

    "Please, make yourself comfortable. I am Dr. Balthius Volgin, leader of the forces of the Black Dragon of Europa. We are always looking for...exceptional individuals to add to our ranks. The Alliance, that is. So, Miss, your name, and perhaps an explanation of your abilities and why you think you'll be a good fit here?"
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