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    Default Re: D&D 5e Base Class Contest XI: It's Time for Time

    D8 hd
    Light armor
    Simple weapons
    Int/Con saves
    Skills Arcana, Athletics, Acrobatics, History, Survival, Investigation

    1 Time Sense, Stolen Moments
    2 Hyperbolic Time
    3 Continuum
    4 ASI
    6 Continuum Feature
    8 ASI
    10 Continuum Feature
    11 Action Surge, Lesser Infinities
    12 ASI
    14 Continuum Feature
    16 ASI
    18 Continuum Feature
    19 ASI
    20 Anachronos

    L1 Time Sense
    Beginning at 1st level you have an unerring sense of the passage of time. This can be bent to a variety of purposes, such as noticing the delay in a characterís responses indicating a lie or possible ambush.

    You may add your Proficiency bonus to Initiative and Insight.

    Additionally, you can immediately tell when you have entered an area in which time passes at a different rate. A DC 15 Arcana check will reveal the degree to which it is different from the normal rate.

    L1 Cosmic Channeling
    Beginning at 1st level you learn to channel the cosmic energies of eternity and infinity into a small number of spells. You will know few and your reserves of cosmic power will deplete rapidly, but so to do your energies rapidly recover. You recover all spell slots after a short rest. Further, the continuous flow of energies increases the potency of your spells resulting in each being cast at the maximum possible strength for your level.

    L1 Stolen Moments
    Beginning at first level you learn to accrue extra time by skipping many insignificant moments or a single significant moment. At the end of any rest you have one Stolen Moment. After rolling initiative you can accrue additional Stolen Moments when you hit with an attack or spell and choose to forgo dealing damage or other effects. Instead, the potential consequences of that attack or spell are held as a reserve of potential.

    You can store up to your Constitution bonus in Stolen Moments. You can spend a Stolen Moment when you make an Attack or Spell Attack. Spending before the attack roll allows you to forgo rolling and treat the attack as a hit, dealing damage normally. Spending on a hit instead adds 1d8+ your Arcanaut level in psychic damage to the effects of the attack or spell as the potential suffering of a previous foe is experienced by the current target.

    L3 Continuum
    At 2nd level you choose whether you will progress along an Accelerated, Orthogonal, or Static Continuum. This choice grants unique class features at levels 2, 6, 10, 14, and 18. .

    L2 Hyperbolic Time
    Beginning at 2nd level, you learn to stretch and contract your personal temporal frame of reference.
    At the beginning of your turn you may choose to enter an altered time frame. You can choose whether you wish to Slip or Drag through time. Regardless of choice, at the beginning of your following turn you will enter the other state for 2 rounds. While Slipping you can take an additional action to dash, use an object, or make a single attack. While Dragging your speed is reduced by 5ft and you can take only an action or bonus action on your turn, however you have resistance to Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning Damage. Your choice of Continuum also grants you additional options while employing Hyperbolic Time.

    You can enter Hyperbolic Time twice. You recover all uses of this ability after a short rest. You gain an additional use of this ability at 11th and 17th level.

    3rd Continuum Feature
    Orthogonal- Regardless of the Time Differential created by slipping or Dragging, you can cause an overlap of similar timelines in which you have moved to different locations. Once per turn You can sacrifice any amount of your movement to teleport to an empty space you can see a distance away equal to the movement sacrificed.
    Static Quagmire- The inertia built up by your attacks while Dragging is magnified by the time differential increasing the damage of your melee attacks by 1d12. Creatures that begin their turn adjacent to you must succeed on a Con Save or be Dragged as well (limited to one action or bonus action on their turn). Affected creatures also have their movement speed reduced by 10 feet and cannot take the dodge or disengage actions.
    Accelerated- Your movements become difficult to track while Slipping and you seem to stutter in and out of phase granting you a +2 bonus to AC.

    4th ASI: you know the drill. 4,8,12,16,19

    Continuum Features
    Accelerated: extra attack
    Static: Delay Damage Self (Tanking) as a reaction you can delay the damage of an attack until the end of your next turn. During this time each point of healing you receive reduces the delayed damage by two points as the time differential magnifies itís effectiveness.
    Orthogonal: Alternate Self: Choose a different Skill Proficiency at the end of any rest or Hyperbolic Time

    10th Continuum Feature
    Your greater mastery of the ebb and flow of time garners you the ability to make the most of what you steal
    Accelerated: Spend Stolen Moment to dodge, dash, disengage, or Interact with an Object
    Static: Temporal Stutter, as a reaction you can freeze your personal flow of time to allow a successful attack to pass you by. You then race ahead to the current moment, skipping the injury. Spend two Stolen moments to reduce all damage from one attacknor spell to 0.
    Orthogonal: as a reaction Spend a Stolen Moment to grant a target resistance to all damage from a source as you create an overlap between them and an alternate version of them from a different timeline.

    Action Surge-like a fighter

    11th Lesser Infinities
    Beginning at 11th level you are capable of harnessing more potent and rarefied cosmic energies. This power allows you to cast spells of level 6 and above. You continue to learn spells of levels 6-9 as you level but you may only cast each spell once. You regain the ability to cast all these spells after a long rest.

    14th Continuum Feature
    Accelerated: when entering Hyperbolic Time you may now choose to Slip for two rounds before dragging for one round
    Static: when entering Hyperbolic Time you may now choose to Drag for two Rounds before you Slip for 1 round.
    Orthogonal: when entering Hyperbolic Time to Slip you can choose to have a creature within 10 feet automatically begin to drag. When entering Hyperbolic Time to Drag you can choose a to have a creature within 10 feet begin to Slip.

    18th Continuum Feature
    Accelerated: When you make an attack of opportunity you can expend a Stolen Moment to keep your
    reaction available.
    Static: when you hit a target with a melee attack you can spend a Stolen Moment to halt the targetís progress through time. any creature or Huge or smaller object you hit disappears until the beginning of your next turn at which time you can spend another Stolen Moment to extend its absence until the beginning of your next turn. The target reappears in its space or the nearest empty space in an orientation that will fit. When it returns it creates a loud crack of thunder dealing 3d8 thunder damage to itself and each creature or object within 10 feet. The target is unaware of events or the passage of time that transpired since its disappearance.
    Orthogonal: As an action you can spend 3 Stolen Moments to summon a version of yourself from a nearby parallel universe. You cast Simulacrum on yourself with no components. The duplicate disappears after 3 rounds. You must complete a long rest before using this feature again.

    Continuum spell
    1 Zephyr Strike, Thunderwave
    2 Mirror Image, Blur
    3 Plant Growth, Lightning Bolt
    4 Divination, Confusion
    5 Awaken, Swift Quiver

    1 Absorb Elements, Shield
    2 Hold Person, Heat Metal
    3 Protection from Energy, Feign Death
    4 Death Ward, Stone Skin
    5 Hold Monster, Cone of Cold

    1 Cure Wounds, Silent Image
    2 Nondetection, Lesser Restoration
    3 Revivify, Blink
    4 Giant Insect, Dimension Door
    5 Raise Dead, Greater Restoration

    Spell list

    Minor Illusion
    Surge-Bonus action cast for +15 feet of movement and +1 AC till end of next turn

    Expeditious Retreat
    Thunder wave

    Mirror Image
    Misty Step

    Leomundís Tiny Hut

    Dimension Door
    Force Bubble

    Steel Wind Strike
    Wall of Force
    Legend Lore

    Flesh to Stone
    True Seeing
    Word of Recall

    Reverse Gravity
    Mirage Arcane


    Time Stop
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