CAVE HQ Airspace

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CAVE HQ Airspace

Malice will find that Griggs is right to be cautious, because as they hang out observing, no less than two dozen aerial drones, in both clockwork and futuristic styles move in. None move to attack them, however. Instead, one of the smaller ones comes to a stop about 2 meters from them, and plays a holographic message. A man in an officer's uniform appears to greet him, though it's clearly a recording.

"Greetings. We would be honored if you would grace us with your presence. Please, follow these craft."

The drones turn, and begin to make a slow descent toward the base in the center of the valley.

"You hear that, preacher? Honored. It's not quite all four dragons bowing down to me in unison, but that's fine. This is acceptable for now. We'll work our way up to that," Malice smugly smirks at the undead creature atop his shoulder, who remains silent as ordered, but couldn't possibly be rolling its eyes any harder. They follow along as requested, though Malice does wonder if maybe he should've made some sort of spectacular show of force along the way. Maybe a pillar of hellfire should appear behind him, next time he needs to say something important and dramatic. No wait, three pillars! Yeah, that'll move him up the chain and show everyone exactly what they're dealing with!