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    Elec Tri LN lesser mechanatrix incarnate 6
    Spoiler: Backstory
    He was born in a Material plane descended from one of the outsider of the Law and he did not talk so much with the other being near his age, too much chaotic for his taste, he liked the rules and being honorable while they liked to avoid or break except some of them but they did not dislike so much the other one so he grow alone basically . He has seen that he could use his touch to folgorate something or someone but only one time for day and it was explained that was because he was a mechanatrix. He was sad when they say that he has seen that his touch could intimidate the other one and doing that only one time for day was not so good . Then he grow and started studying searching information on from who he has descended , while other studied magic or the art of the war he studied the outsider and the law to see if he had breaked a rule for not studying other discipline. But he had to study some way to defend himself and then he had the illumination , it was said that the soul in the Outer Planes was a strong thing (there was who even used them for spell) and so why he could not use his soul , he descended from outsider no? He asked this to a teacher and he indicated an ancient hall that was said that was founded by someone who wanted to fight with his soul, that he wanted to fight using the incarnum , and so he discovered that strange magic
    From that year passed so much time , and now he is working to preserve the law in an honorable way without breaking any law but is not easy many being

    Spoiler: Stats

    Stat Point Buy Final
    Strength 16 (10 point) 16 (no change)
    Dexterity 15 (8 point) 13 (-2 racial)
    Constitution 15 (8 point) 17 (+2 racial)
    Intelligence 12 (4 point) 14 (+2 racial)
    Wisdom 10 (2 point) 10 (no change)
    Charisma 8 (0 point) 6 (-2 racial)
    The 4th level point go to constitution

    Spoiler: Build

    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Incarnate 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Knowledge (arcana) 4, Knowledge (the planes) 4, Heal 1, Knowledge religion 4, Spellcraft 2 Healing Soul Aura, detect opposition
    2nd Incarnate 2 +1 +3 +0 +2 Knowledge (arcana) 5, Knowledge (the planes) 5, Heal 1, Knowledge religion 5, Spellcraft 3 Chakra bind (crown)
    3rd Incarnate 3 +1 +3 +1 +3 Knowledge (arcana) 6, Knowledge (the planes) 6, Heal 1, Knowledge religion 6, Spellcraft 4 Azure toughness Expanded soulmeld capacity +1, incarnum radiance 1/day
    4th Incarnate 4 +2 +4 +1 +4 Knowledge (arcana) 7, Knowledge (the planes) 7, Heal 1, Knowledge religion 7, Spellcraft 5 Chakra binds (feet, hands)
    5th Incarnate 5 +2 +4 +1 +4 Knowledge (arcana) 8, Knowledge (the planes) 8, Heal 1, Knowledge religion 8, Spellcraft 6 Rapid Meldshaping 1/day
    6th Incarnate 6 +3 +5 +2 +5 Knowledge (arcana) 9, Knowledge (the planes) 9, Heal 1, Knowledge religion 9, Spellcraft 7 Bonus Essentia
    Spoiler: Epic feats

    1 Expanded soulmeld capacity (lighting guantlets)
    2 Midnight dodge
    3 Cerulean Fortitude
    4 Cerulean Will
    5 Split Chakra Feets
    6 Split Chakra Crown
    7 Incarnum Fortified Body
    8 Law Devotion
    9 Law Devotion
    10 Law Devotion

    Spoiler: Soulmeld essentia and chakra Binds for level

    This will include the essentia from the feats
    Level Soulmeld Essentia Chakra Bind
    Level 1 2 2(+1 from healing soul) 0
    Level 2 3 3 1
    Level 3 3 5(+1 from azure toughness) 1
    Level 4 4 6 1
    Level 5 4 7 1
    Level 6 4 10(+2 from bonus essentia) 2
    At the end of the build we will have gained other 3 point of essentia

    Spoiler: Tactics
    Thanks to the race we have a little resistance from cold and fire ,and we absorb electric damage we have even a 1/day 5d6 of electric damage so i will not talk about this in the tactics level for level
    Spoiler: Level 1
    The first level no bind not so much essentia, some skill , and a feat that one could ask why take this? Why we have taken healing soul? Well because it will be used for the healing but not with that feat but putting that essentia point in the ligthing gauntlets, and putting the other one in the soulmeld that we need for example vitality belt or cerulean sandals or another soulmeld that can be useful . The principle is that using lighting guantlets we can heal ourselves thanks to the electric healing doing 2d6 of damage that is not so bad, and attacking at touch . And we can start to see who is chaotic , and putting our attention to them (even if we don't have a good spot or listen so only when we see them) We have an aura of law so we could be confounded with a cleric and because we are mechanatrix is not so strange that the aura is of Law. As skill we have various knowledge that are not so bad

    Spoiler: Level 2
    Now we have three soulmeld and three essentia point and the chakra crown bind so we can put on our crystal helm that will help (incorporeal now we can strike you with the ligthing guantlets) with a point of essentia that we can choose where invest (airstep sandal for example) but our main tactics is the same without so much change. To hit more we could use that essentia point in the incarnate avatar for example

    Spoiler: Level 3
    One of our main abilities come online now , and that is the expanded soulmeld capacity that permit us to do 3d6 of electric damage now with the ligthing guantlets and that is good (it signifies more healing for us out of combat around 3 of healing ) And with the feat that we have chosen we can boost our hp in some ways (but putting that point in the vitality belt will be more useful in the future) our crystal helm continue to be the main chakra because having a force descriptor attack is fantastic Incarnum radiance is a good addition but the only one use for day is not so good but is better than nothing

    Spoiler: Level 4
    Well now we are starting to have a good amount of hp thanks to our constitution modifier and we have our final soulmeld shaped at this level so is a good thing and we have now the hands and the feet chakra and this one justify why we want to use soulmeld like cerulean sandal, impulse boots or airstep sandal each one is for a different thing and we will not invest so much essentia in these soulmeld (at least not if we don't need them as difference for the ligthing guantlets or the vitality belt) so is a good level

    Spoiler: Level 5
    We can invest our essentia basically to fill all soulmeld now if we want (but we will not ) for a strange combination , so it's a good level sure we only do 3d6 with ligthing guantlets but we can put these damage to the weapon if we don't need the force descriptor using the chakra of the ligthing guantlets but we will not hit with a touch attack . We have good knowledge and we can try to identify even spell or other soulmeld

    Spoiler: Level 6
    Well now our meldshaper level is high enough to put 3 points in the ligthing guantlets, 3 point in the vitality 3 point in the helm and even 1 point in the feet if we want or in one of the feats we have for now. Thanks to bonus essentia that is a huge boost (sadly we can't use epic feat for this contest because there would be an epic feat that we can take to gain 3 of essentia)

    Spoiler: Epic 1
    One feat that is good and that is the last boost to our ligthing guantlet for the damage because now in the ligthing guantlet we have an amount of essentia good with 5d6 of damage (and around 6 point of healing if we strike ourselves )

    Spoiler: Epic 2
    Why Midnight dodge ? Well because we will invest this point in the crystal helm for example because one point of insight AC is better than one point of dodge AC and this is why we put an 15 in the point buy at dexterity

    Spoiler: Epic 3 and 4
    I put these feats together because they have the same function boost the most important saves that are good but is good to boost them in a way that we use our essentia. They will not use the same amount because we will boost will of 2 and fortitude of 1 and they are the last feats that will use our essentia (that arrive at 13 )

    Spoiler: Epic 5 and 6
    The main problem now is that using our feet chakra is not so good or better is good but is situational because: impulse boots can boost reflex and function if we have a good reflexes save, airstep sandal use essentia and function better if we invest here, cerulean sandal unshape after some times so not in all situation we will use them so a feet magic item can be good as option so split chakra feets. Crystal helm is a very good soulshape but some magic item can be good so we use split chakra head.

    Spoiler: Epic 7
    We have various incarnum feat even if not all of them have the tag, but is still a boost to our high hp

    Spoiler: Epic 8,9, 10
    A better incarnum radiance! If we boost our attack roll we have basically a better incarnum radiance (+3 rather than +2 ) which last more (without any magic item) and it is good if we think that an incarnate hold an alignment extreme , and we hold the law extreme ,devotion to the law is a good choice

    Spoiler: Numbers on this build

    The choice of setup depend on which type of enemy we will fight if there is an high touch AC the second will be better if there is an high normal AC the first will be better (the first is more versatile on the feet chakra and with essentia the second is more locked as essentia)
    Spoiler: One setup of soulmeld possible (more defensive

    Ligthing guantlets 4 essentia point invested
    Vitality belt 3 essentia point invested
    Crystal he lm bound to crown chakra 3 essentia point invested
    Feet soulmeld (depend on the situation we will have to fight) bound to chakra (choice between cerulean sandal, impulse boots , airstep sandal) essentia invested at the start 0 (we will put that after)
    Cerulean will 2 essentia invested
    Cerulean fortitude 1 essentia invested

    Spoiler: One setup (more offensive)

    Ligthing guantlets 4 essentia point invested bound to chakra hand
    Vitality belt 3 essentia point invested
    Incarnate avatar 3 essentia point invested
    Crystal helm bound to chakra head 2 essentia invested
    Cerulean will 1 essentia point invested

    First setup/Second setup
    Hp= 6+5d6+24 (constitution modifier)+18 (3 point of essentia in vitality belt) +10 (incarnum fortified body)=75.5
    AC=10+3 (insigth from crystal helm)+1(dexterity) +2 (heavy shield)+5 (armor)=21/20 (we lose 1 point in crystal helm)
    Attack roll=3 (bab)+3 strenght =6 (strike only a touch) /9 (+3 from incarnate avatar and we can try to strike with a weapon)
    Fortitude 10 (5 from class 4 from constitution 1 from cerulean fortitude)
    Reflexes 4 (3 from class 1 from dexterity)
    Will 9 (5 from class 0 from will 2 from cerulean will +2 from crystal helm)/ 8 (we lose 1 point from cerulean will)
    Damage = 5d6 of electricity/ 1d6 +5d6 +3 (using a weapon in the second setup)

    Spoiler: Sources

    All feats except law devotion =Magic of Incarnum
    Law devotion = Complete Champion
    Mechanatrix= Fiend Folio
    Lesser planetouched race option = Player's guide to Faerun
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