Southeast Peak

Balthius pauses for a moment, and nods.

"Show me, if you please. We haven't had anyone with that capability for awhile."

CAVE HQ Airspace -> HQ Courtyard

The drones lead Malice down to a wide-open area in the center of the HQ base. Along the way, Malice can see a number of checkpoints and physical barriers that have been erected in the mouth of the valley, along with each of the dragons curled around their respective mountain peaks, slumbering. Only the black dragon shows signs of life, two small curls of smoke wafting up from its nostrils.

In the center of the base, several squads of troops have been hastily assembled from the armies of the Red and Black dragons, all standing at attention in front of a tall man wearing what seems to be some sort of power armor. The collar, shirt, and parts of his jacket are visible from the armor's gorget, along with the cap he's wearing. Black jacket and collar, with a slate-grey dress uniform shirt underneath, and a red cap. The man himself seems to be the one from the message, though now that it's not a blurry hologram, Malice can see that the man is conventionally handsome, with a square jaw and egalitarian features. He stands at attention until Malice has landed, or is at least hovering closely enough to the ground that normal conversation can be had. Then he looks Malice up and down with a curious expression, slate-green eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Welcome! I must say, this is an unexpected pleasure. We were not expecting a visit from the notoriously diabolical Lord Magtok so soon."

[HQ Training Gym]

Kaydara nods, but holds up a hand before Nemo has a chance to start.

"I would very much like to see, but before you show me, a couple of practical matters: how long does that last, and does it change the person's size? If so, how much bigger do they get?"