[HQ Training Gym]

Nemo follows her out to the practice-area.

"Okay," she says. She looks over the potential victims. I'll pick them out for you.

After a moment of pause, she heads towards a captive human female. Her hand reaches out and she drags her towards a human male volunteer and a goblin volunteer. She plans on 'converting' all three of these at the same time because she's not sure if doing it to one at a time will allow her the time or space to do it to the others.

First, one of her wings snaps and breaks and folds out at a very odd angle, until it wraps the goblin. At the same time, she sticks her left hand out so it touches the human female's back, and places her other hand so the palm's on the guy's neck. Soon, her hands seem to sink inside of the two humans like they're just an extension of herself, and meanwhile the goblin's visible legs seem to desiccate and grow thin.

After a moment, Nemo starts to feel light-headed and grow a little pale. Her breathing becomes shallower and her heartrate quickens. Her wing starts to return to its original position, and her hands pull out of the two humans. They leave handprint scars where they were touching. The woman looks like her veins are popping out, and the guy is bulging in all the wrong places under his skin.
And all three victims collapse to the ground, including the dried-up goblin. Nemo backs up away from them before the changes happen. And she keeps on backing away, allowing as much space and people between her and those three.

The goblin starts moving again first. The dried skin folds and shifts, forming scales at first which then turn into metallic feathers all over his body. His eyes, all dried up, start dissolving but then several eyes start to pop up all over his body. Dozens of them, all bloodshot. The metallic feathers demonstrate themselves to be sharper and harder than knives, and the goblin can fire them out at high speeds. And he feels an immense need for sucking up liquids of all types through its eyes, but especially blood.

Then, the human male. All his body hair grows thorny and sharp, and his facial hair becomes ropes that he can move around as well as any limb. The handprint on his neck glows painfully red, and his jaw unhinges and dangles down to his chest. In addition, he starts releasing pheromones such that anyone who's not concentrating on something will find their attention drawn towards him and will feel slow and sluggish. And, of course, he feels an unending desire to consume warm flesh...and doing so will stitch together injuries he may receive.

And, finally, the woman starts to move as well. From the hand-scar on the back, metal spikes start to grow, which then move up her spine. They'll attract electricity and charge up her muscles to high amounts. Her veins glow with yellow energy.
The impulses in brains run on a type of electricity and ion movement. When she touches someone with her palms, she'll consume those impulses, draining their mental faculties and transferring them to herself, so she'll gain their knowledge, skills, personality, and thoughts which will all combine with her own. Of course, she feels a driving desire to feed on electricity and energy in this way.

Of course, their ability to resist their desires depends on their willpower and their desire to overcome or reject their bloodlust. Once they stand, these desires will hit them like a truck and, unless they can stop themselves, they'll immediately start attacking those in the vicinity - and even each other if everyone else flees.