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    Quote Originally Posted by Nova_Eclipse View Post
    CAVE HQ Airspace -> HQ Courtyard

    "Welcome! I must say, this is an unexpected pleasure. We were not expecting a visit from the notoriously diabolical Lord Magtok so soon."
    "Lord Magtok," Malice repeats, all the fun and merriment draining right out of his face as his feet touch the ground, his red robe trailing along the floor behind him as he marches up towards the ignorant lout. Lord Magtok. The name that was ours, that should be ours, that was soiled and tainted and torn to pieces by those disgusting perverts and feckless do-gooders. Malice never should've let himself die, all those years ago. If a distinguished MagClone, a proper MagClone, a despicable and dastardly supervillain MagClone had been around to shepherd those wastrels and fools that dare share his blood and lay claim to his lair, the world would not be what it is today. He would not be here today to sight-see, but to destroy, for all of the Nexus would be under his banner, and these dragons and their followers would be crushed under his heel for their impudence, stealing villages and villagers that belong to the one true Lord of the Nexus.

    "Lord Magtok is not who stands before you today, mortal," he answers, hissing that last word as if it were some extremely foul racial epitaph, and not one that could just as easily be used to describe himself. Then again, maybe he isn't strictly mortal anymore. He might not have a small army of clones like Magtok, but he does have five pillars of hellfire placed behind him for dramatic effect, a swirling whirlwind of death rising up towards the heavens. Each pillar is roughly five feet in diameter, burning intensely enough to hurt the naked eye, and really, really bad news for anyone who gets too close, as hellfire usually is. I hope there wasn't anyone lurking right behind him when he did that, because ouch.

    "Magtok is a legacy of failure, a petty charlatan and a sniveling coward. You will not mistake me for my lesser again, or I will boil your eyes in their sockets. I. Am. Malice." the drama queen declares, getting right up in the officer's face to say that last bit, hovering just high enough to loom a few inches over the taller man.
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