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Thread: What to call elite warlock-knights?

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    In my setting, there is a nation-state that propelled themselves into an industrial revolution by making pacts with devils en masse. They have demonblood-powered internal combustion, gunpowder (also made with demon-blood, and most relevantly, an elite group of a few dozen to perhaps a hundred or so extremely powerful warlock-knights.

    The problem is, I don't know what to call them. Initially they were just warlock-knights in my notes, but I feel like they should have a more distinctive title. Since the nation-state is aesthetically & linguistically French- and Slavic-inspired, I considered calling them the Warlock Gendarmerie or something (they also operate as a sort of secret police), but that also feels a little lackluster. My current best name is the Red Hussars (maybe most of them ride phantom steeds or demon horses or w/e), but I still think a better name is possible.

    Any ideas, Playground?
    In functional terms, mounted warlocks with black powder weapons are more similar to dragoons that hussars.

    However, my money says you should go look at Slavic (and Turkic) titles. Voivoides, hetmen, janissaries, sipahi.

    But if I were going to home in on one term: something that references the Oprichnina. Ivan Grozny's bodyguards were warriors, acted as secret police, had a bit of the religion-tied creepiness of their tsar, and did witchy things like carry severed dog's heads on their saddle (to smell treachery). Also, it's an Vladimir Sorokin reference. The adjectival forms would be oprichniki I think.
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