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    Southeast Peak

    Balthius sits back up, putting his feet down and leans forwards to inspect the spirit more closely, his mechanical eye buzzing as it seems to change focus.

    "Marvelous. What sort of sacrifices do you need to create more?"

    [HQ Training Gym]

    Kaydara watches as Nemo changes the three. Nemo definitely wasn't kidding about the monster part of the changes, but Kaydara has seen a lot, and seems unfazed by the changes. The other people brought up for the test are quite obviously terrified of these creatures, and of Nemo, but the area is fenced in, so there's little hope of escape, save through the far end, where Kaydara stands watching (and most likely where Nemo retreated to). None of them are foolhardy enough to try and charge the leader of the Red Dragon's forces, though.

    The goblin didn't have much self-control to start with, and is the first to give in to its bloodlust. The man will resist a bit longer, while the woman seems to possess the most willpower of the three, and lingers the longest.

    ((I'm going to leave the description of what they do up to you, 5a Violista.))

    CAVE HQ Airspace -> HQ Courtyard

    The assembled troops that aren't mindless shift a bit, uncomfortable with the sudden pillars of hellfire, but luckily nobody was back there. The clockwork automatons don't move, though.

    And the officer doesn't blink, just smiles.

    "I suspected as much," He says quietly as he takes a step back, before giving a bow, a model of courtesy. "My apologies, Malice. Or perhaps, should I call you, Lord Malice? I meant no insult. The description we were given of Magtok does match your appearance somewhat, and I worried that perhaps the information was out of date." No condescension, no pretension, but a bit of disappointment. And no fear. He straightens up, to look Malice in the eye once more, though he doesn't step forward again. "Which, it was, though not in the way I had thought. I am saddened that the legend no longer matches the man. But I am heartened that the important part of that legend lives on under a different name. It seems that you, and not Magtok, are the one I was hoping would grace us with your presence. I am Chaeron, leader of the Conquering Alliance. If you're not too upset with my gaffe, I'd like to talk with you, about many things."
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