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Was half-expecting Nodoa to see if she knew anything, too

Zo does remember the name - Trill is talking about Jedi Master Oran Storian. Zo can't remember all the details, but Oran was something of a renegade in the order, choosing what he felt was right over the council's wishes. It came to a head when left the order about midway through the Clone Wars, claiming that the use of clones created to be soldiers and given no choice but to fight constituted slavery, and that he refused to be part of it. What became of him thereafter Zo never learned, but Zo is able to sense a note of admiration in Trill's voice. Perhaps she knows.

The chamber ahead has angular sides, but a great many of them, at least eight and probably more. The raised dais in the center of the chamber appears to have a yellow light on it, maybe shining from it and maybe emitted by it. With his bulk blocking the way forward, Nodoa and Trill can see little past Zo.

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Shadowflick, it's not too late to see if Nodoa knows anything, although she'll have a penalty. She'll obviously know different details than what Zo would.