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    Spoiler: Deirdre McCoy
    Monday, October 3rd.

    Deirdre had a heck of a lot to think about. While admittedly a lot of that thinking was done on the coach ride back to Arkham as she wistfully stared out the windows, observing the natural world and the bits of civilization in it, her mind was still reeling and also rather exhausted from the previous days' mental exertions on her.

    Bee's Diner was going to need her, whether she could truly accept the fact that there were other beings out there or not. The afternoon shift wasn't so busy but was still rather brutal all things considered, but luckily no one really asked her what happened over the weekend aside from the polite 'How was your weekend?'

    Deirdre returned home, finding most stores closed, unfortunately, and her kitchen pantry somewhat lacking. Fashioning a meager meal together for herself, she eventually turned in for the night.

    Tuesday, October 4th.

    The opening shift was rather busy at Bee's but otherwise the rest of the day was smooth sailing.

    After work, Deirdre visits a library but (gasp) not to bang her head against a wall. She casually peruses the fiction section and just picks something. Perhaps a good fantasy book was exactly what she needed right now. Heck, maybe it wasn't even fantasy anymore...

    Then Deirdre does a bit of grocery shopping. She spends the rest of her time at home. A bit of cleaning, some cooking, and reading her borrowed book. All the while she kind of hopes she might receive a call from Ripley, though it seems, perhaps, it was being a bit too optimistic.

    Wednesday, October 5th.

    Arts/Crafts (Acting): (1d100)[12]

    "Y-you can't be real!! You're.. you're ghosts!"

    Dierdre's acting skill in this scene is supreme. Too bad it wasn't the live performance.

    ((is listless the right word to describe a play??))

    She notes the overall despair of all the characters in the play. A tragedy in its own right, with the majority of characters too stubborn, lazy, or otherwise ignorant to change what it is in their life that bothers them. And the few that do have the capability and try, cruelly thwarted by fate.

    Friday, October 7th

    Deirdre returned to the society, with a bit of apprehension. It's not that she doubted she could pull it off. She just didn't want to do it.. She promised not to tell a soul about what she saw. And in truth, it would probably be for the best if they didn't know. Especially if they ever happened to get in touch with Thomas Kimball again.

    "Oh, uh.. it was nothing, really.." Deirdre said timidly, with a bit of a forced chuckle (good thing she was an actor and had time to think of how she'd go about this!).

    "Just some cat burglar that apparently liked books a lot. Figures, for a town with virtually no crime..." she says. "Couldn't catch the son of a gun, but I think he's at least been scared off for good..."

    She looks at their faces, gauging their reactions. Likely disappointed. If not, definitely after they would find out she didn't actually take any money from Thomas. "As for his uncle, nothing." She sadly shakes her head. "The only thing we did find out is it seems he decided to up and leave on his own, without a word to anyone else."
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