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First, I got in early. Karsite with 2 levels in human paragon can get you in starting at 3. Karsite's spell resistance stacks with forsaker's for a fairly impressive value. Sprinkle with levels in your favorite martial adept for solid offensive options.

Then as levels progress, it's all about gear selection. At low levels you can get by on special materials and alchemy but as you get higher you have to get creative. The biggest gem for getting along there is the artificer devices built by a gnome artificer from Magic of Faerun. Grafts also aren't technically magical.

I won't lie to you, it's -rough- going and it falls apart toward the end of mid-level but there's definitely a certain satisfaction in getting to call the rest of your crew magic-reliant weenies for a dozen levels; all in good fun, of course.

Stay a -long- ways away from VoP. It works kinda, sorta okay with an incarnate or totemist but it just locks you into being barely base-line competent with anything else that isn't a straight-up caster character. If you can rely on an allly to buff you then it's not such a big deal but a forsaker has to actively resist even beneficial spells targetting him.
Thanks for the ideas.

Normally I'd stay right away from VoP but think there's some synergy there when you're swearing off magic items already. Might stat a martial character out later and see how good I can make the two work together.