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    Spoiler: OOC
    Yeah, Rem took no damage while Starislav took a total of 5. Which is half of his HP, I should add.

    As Rem's light shines down upon the cultists, and Starislav easily throws about the toughest among them with barely a motion, more and more of them are slowly taken out of the battle. Already, you've thinned their numbers quite severely, and only slightly more than half of them remain capable of fighting. Those who remain are looking nervous, and it probably is not much longer until their discipline will be truly tested.

    Meanwhile, the monks remain your true obstacle. The speaking one, who was already hurt by Rem's earlier attack, barely notices the sound of her charging beam behind him. All he can do is twist to the side as swiftly as he can, which turns an attack that may have otherwise knocked him down into a still painful glancing blow. He is momentarily sent reeling from the impact, which Starislav uses to his advantage by dealing his foe a loudly resounding uppercut strong enough to knock out any lesser man. As beads of his sweat go flying and a thin trickle of blood runs from his mouth, the monk reels back, barely adopting a fighting stance again. He wipes away the blood from his chin, his eyes darting around at the people around him, as if considering the situation. Then, he mutters "And you would fight them?" in response to Rem's accusation, before throwing himself into the fray once more. Even so, he looks battered. While pain is foreign to him, exhaustion clearly isn't, and his body still shows limits. It's unlikely he can take another hit like that.

    Spoiler: OOC
    It was a bit close, but thanks to their relatively bad Armor Class both of your attacks on the monk hit. He is below half his maximum HP now, but made his first moral check.

    Together, they start their counterattack. The monks' odd, but trained movements confound what you thought you knew about martial arts, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for Starislav to turn away their danger. It's difficult to tell how much longer he can do this without dipping into his divine powers. Rem too continues to be pelted by the common cultists, though at least they present not nearly as much of a danger. Still, she notes that some among them are starting to smart up, trying to take cover behind what walls the camp offers and attacking from range, while only the most foolhardy continue to attempt and aid the monks' melee against Starislav.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Starislav faces attacks from the two monks and the mob of cultists. Your AC is already included in these attacks, so it'll only hit on a total result of 20.

    Talking Monk:
    (1d20+8)[16] for a potential (1d8)[4] = 1 damage.
    (1d20+8)[28] for a potential (1d8)[2] = 1 damage.

    Quiet Monk:
    (1d20+8)[10] for a potential (1d8)[8] = 2 damage.
    (1d20+8)[27] for a potential (1d8)[1] = 0 damage.

    (1d20+2)[17] for a potential (1d6)[2] = 1 damage.

    Rem once more gets attacked by only the cultist mob.

    (1d20+2)[12] for a potential (1d6)[6] = 2 damage.
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