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    Spoiler: Izzy Laskov
    Izzy's a roil of emotions. He feels tremendous warmth and comfort at being welcomed by these fellow seekers of truth; nervous about his first report; and unsure of how well they'll take it. Will I need to tread lightly? They seem more open-minded than most, but this is crazy stuff... Izzy sits down and takes a deep breath.

    He begins, in a low voice: "Well...I suppose it went rather well. I did, indeed, find out what happened to the books, and to the uncle. However, I should make this clear up front, I found some things that would be... rather fantastic to the average person. I made a judgment call that the Kimballs were better off not knowing the full truth of what I found. I hope as you hear the story you'll understand why, and not judge me for this deception."

    Izzy looks at their faces, trying to determine if they're judging his moral character, then continues. "Your suspicions that this was not an ordinary theft, nor an ordinary disappearance, were correct."

    Izzy reaches into his briefcase, and pulls out several pieces of paper. Each is a handcopy of the relevant last passages of the Uncle's journal; copied in triplicate on Izzy's return trip. He hands one to each of the members.

    "What you each hold in your hands, are the last entries of the Uncle's journal, right before he diappeared. I hope my writing is legible; I wrote these out on the return trip, so it's not my finest cursive."

    He waits while they read. Then, he shares with them the stories in the local newspaper, and finally the encounter in the graveyard. As he reaches the part about the Uncle's changed appearance, he hesitates, almost wondering if he should tell them -- did he even really see it himself, in the dark? Izzy knew how he would likely have reacted a few months ago, if someone had told him a similar story.

    But they sent me to do this. It's my duty to tell them, even if they end up not believing it.

    Izzy continues the story, relating the conversation with the Uncle as well as he can, up through the sound of collapsing earth. He pauses there, anxious to hear their reactions.
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