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    Cool, sorry I made you worry for your character and that we could solve that.

    anyways heres what I got for Iwagakure so far, but for some reason I'm not satisfied with it:

    Spoiler: Alt Iwagakure

    North of the dunes and desert winds, west of all else, lies the Land of Stone and within, Iwagakure. A different desolation greets one here than the one in the Land of Wind: the dirt is tough, rocks are everywhere, cliffs and mesas tower above, rivers open up into canyons, the plants are hardy and just edible enough to eat, the days are cold and the nights are colder. The people here match the landscape in temperament, being stubborn, hardy and abrasive. Economically speaking, Iwa has always been almost as resource-poor as Suna, both their desolate lands giving them little to utilize. However the difference is that Iwa's climate allows for a steady stable source of food and water, and thus their economy is similarly stable to a degree. They also mine iron from its cliffs and hills, work in block-like factories, but such endeavors can result in company towns, yet even then, local business often persist out of sheer stubborn will to be independent.
    Their cities aren't as glamorous as Lightnings or Fire's, and many people here are conservative in their outlook, holding strongly to the kami of the land and the ancestors in their beliefs. They only do what they know works and are slow to adopt new ideas. Family is important to them, being together is important to them, and while it allows them to enjoy things together, it also causes them to shun outsiders and loners. Iwagakure is distrustful of any who come into its nation, and thus its travel laws its the hardest nation to get into, even just for a vacation. Not that most people would even bother to go there for that. The people of Stone believe such measures necessary to keep their cultural identity intact and independent, fiercely proud of their heritage, often calling anyone from the east a “Softlander” while calling anyone from the land of wind “no good sandies”.
    Of course, the Land of Stone's mindset has an elitist bent, and many of them have a “No True Stonelander” mindset to them, yet no one seems to quite live up to the Stonelander ideal in all things.

    Indeed, the rivalry between Wind and Stone because of their shared lack of resources is well known. They often have fought over the same lands to try and get more food and power than the other and the repeated conflicts have deepened their enmity to a seemingly unending feud. However Iwa seems to care more about it than Suna. Some Iwa nin still hold grudges at Kirigakure for killing one of their Tsuchikage during the Second Ninja War. Iwagakure is known for its long grudges and the patience of which they will pay it back. The village is known as “The Stubborn Bull” and has been to charge into wars against superior foes despite the danger, particularly with a tendency to attack Konoha for having more arable, verdant land, attempting to get some of it so they can farm it themselves.

    Most Iwa Nin have earth affinity and thus reshape the environment to better defend themselves and give them the advantage in any land-based confrontation. This is the advantage that gives the edge enough to actually afford to fight wars with other powerful shinobi nations, constantly controlling the situation to make sure that they isolate their targets and keep the upper hand. Being far away from any naval power, while they have Water users, they don't consider them all that valuable in combat since Earth counters water and thus send forth as spies to other nations. Fire jutsu users are valued for their ability to burn down forests that other ninja tend to hide in, Lightning jutsu users and Wind users are the rarest but counter Earth's weakness to lightning.

    Another feature of Iwagakure, is their Explosion Corps. Their name says it all: they are a division of Iwa specializing in blowing everything they can up, reasoning that when all else fails, a big enough explosion will kill anything. The younger members tend to start out as crazy bomb-wielding maniacs and suicide bombers sent out to die, and if they survive their first few missions attempting to deliberately kill them with their own explosives and thus demonstrate their ability to handle these things competently, they start their training and membership for real and eventually mellow out into experienced, disciplined tactical commandos who are utterly terrifying to face and are often sent as elite jounin to destroy strategical targets that change the course of entire battles.

    The ninja of Iwa, while not intentionally fed propaganda, have a prejudiced view of other villages and nations. The underlying opinion seems to be that everyone just “knows” that other nations are this or that and that they “know” Iwagakure is the best nation, clearly. That other nations are simply lesser than them and that they will stand strong and immovable against anything. However their focus on cliques, group think and shunning outsiders has caused both of their Jinchuuriki too often run away from Iwa because they feel like unwelcome outcastes in their own nation and go missing nin and Iwa is the one that most often has to bring their Jinchuuriki or Tailed beasts back while fending off other nin trying to snatch them up.

    Iwa however does research into Kekkei Toutas. Dust Release, being the only known Kekkei Touta in the world, is valuable and precious to them, one of their greatest weapons against other nations, but that doesn't stop Iwa from trying to create other theoretical Kekkei Toutas to try and gain even more and advantage with such powerful abilities. While more traditional Iwa nin see this as unnatural and against the kamis, many others pursue this research regardless to try and strengthen Iwa even more. Iwa is simply full of experiments to try and combine three elements together to become stronger, and has led to many kinjutsu and unique examples of missing nin in the past.

    The nobility of Iwa of course, carry grudges against each other over generations. Many still seek to arrange each others deaths over a feud that started generations ago while having polite conversation in public, but arguments have often been known to break out due to the cultures stubborn nature. Indeed, Iwa has been known for being simultaneously being very rowdy, argumentative and rude yet also polite in ways that other nations can't wrap their head around. They are patient in their revenge however, while the nation is a stubborn bull, the bull only charges when it feels its right to charge. Indeed, Iwa thinks of itself as a big quarrelsome family that might fight sometimes but always works together in the end. This is only partially true, the truth is that their nobility never stopped scheming against one another after the warring states period ended. The clans of Iwa hate each other as much as Iwa hates the other ninja nations. It is said that when an Iwa-Nin feuds, it lasts as long as the mountains themselves and that ones distant descendants will still be dealing with it. They believe that revenge is a dish best served cold and they will wait no matter how long for it.

    Indeed, the other nations see Iwa as stuck in the past, isolationist and backwards. Even the noble clans of other shinobi nations see them as too stuck up and traditional. Many of their clans employ things similar to the caged bird seal on their branch families, they hold the “shinobis are weapons mentality” the most, do not care for peace, and cultivate and environment of paranoia and constant preparation.
    Unfortunately corruption, nepotism and so on is rampant in Iwagakure's old crumbling system and ninja with bloodlines are silently promoted and favored over competent ninja from civilian backgrounds. The jounin rank is almost entirely formed of noble clan ninja while Chuunin are almost all civilian born, and sometimes people are surprised by Chuunin suddenly pulling off feats far beyond their rank, to the point where some people speak more fearfully of “Iwa's Elite Chuunin” than their Jounin while sometimes encountering noble-blooded jounin that are spoiled fops and jokes who practically bribed their way to their position.

    Crime in the Land of Stone takes the form of smugglers using the cliffs and caves to hide various stolen goods, missing nin who left the village because of its backwards ways, small cults of Jashin popping up to try convert people to its worship, in addition there are some strange things happening out among the rocks and people say there are spirits and ghosts haunting their small towns but most ninja don't believe them. Conspiracy theorists say that aliens are doing it but no one believes them either. Its big cities however despite the traditionalism of the nation, are places where many traditions are broken, where foreigners dwell in the foreign districts that are shunned, where peaceful protests and movements to change the nation from within are held, where people are angry about the economic stagnancy of the Land of Stone, and people go to black markets to get foreign goods they normally can't buy. However there is also an extremist groups rising to champion things like complete economic equality or to wipe out all foreigners and even other nations for the supremacy of Iwa.

    The current Tsuchikage is the third one and meets with his Jounin every once a year for them to ask if it is time to get their revenge upon the other shinobi nations as they have done for every year since the dawn of Iwagakure, as almost every year he replies “Not today.” and patiently waits for the time to strike upon his enemies. However said Tsuchikage is getting really old and there is no clear successor in his eyes for him to name.

    1- Dust Release (Kekkei Touta)
    2- Mud Release
    3- Explosion Release
    4- Steel Release

    Summoning Pacts:

    Forbidden Jutsu:

    like its supposed to be all traditional, hateful of everyone else, stubborn yet patient and so on, with the unique thing about the village being the one Kekkei Touta they have, but I feel as if there is something missing? I dunno, I hope its good because Iwa has always been a bit odd to place, because we know a relatively good amount about Kiri and Suna, we got some stuff about Kumo, but Iwa seems to be the least explored of all, like apparently Deidara the crazy clay bomber is from Iwa? but his jutsu is a forbidden one because apparently having mouths on your hands is creepy and thats enough to be a forbidden jutsu.
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