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    Animated Cloak

    Alias: Are
    Gender: A Cloak (They)
    Race/Species: Animated Object
    Age: 3 Weeks [Equivalent Age and Intelligence: Human 15]
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Wanderer
    Power Rating: Civilian
    Description: A lovely dark blue cloak with long sleeves floating about 3 inches above the ground with the hood pulled up (Head) and the cloak fastened at the neck, no creature is beneath the cloak.

    Personality: A good-natured little bud

    Equipment: A violet pebble, A pale red sea shell and a Grey Rock
    Abilities: Levitate (As It has no legs), Grabbing things (With the sleeves of course), Minor Healing
    Can be worn like a cloak (only voluntarily)
    Communicates via Hushed Whispering
    Can wear other items (like Boots)

    Currently wearing: Nothing
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