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Parks and Reanimation

The only aural response Jenette receives is another sniffle, thanks to Fidelia being fairly unaware that her charge can't see the shaky nod she responds with. It's not quite the response she needs at the moment, but the sincerity and emotion in her words are enough comfort to endure a couple more minutes of stewing in her thoughts and lingering anxieties over how Jenette would respond to everything she just broke down and confessed to. A bit of concerned attention from Romero eases things, once he remembers that it's probably a lost cause to beg for Forbidden Meat, and the stray gives him far more table scraps anyways.

Such patience seems to break as the knight finally reaches her; Fidelia leans into the hug almost a little desperately, a complex mixture of relief and insecurity bubbling up as she clings to whatever comforting affections she can. Literally, in this case. "I-I'm sorry I'm being like this," she apologizes. "I-I shouldn't be making you worry about me more than you already do."
"It's not your fault, Fi. You're doing the best you can, and god knows it hasn't been easy for you." Laz insists, stroking her squire's hair and doing her best to ignore Romero's own desire for pets and attention. Jenette just ate and Romero isn't allowed to lick her face immediately after a meal.

"Maybe I should train more with Calm Reed," Jenette remarks, thinking aloud. "If I learn enough Exalted martial arts before we find a cure, it won't matter if don't have ghoul strength anymore, right? I'll have just enough skill and training to not get kicked out of VIGIL and keep all the membership benefits and perks." Like Wenomir, but not as cool or popular or powerful! Yeah! That can definitely work out, right?