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For any further discussions on houseruling the spell; I've set up a thread in the homebrew forums for that purpose.
I think you might be missing the forest through the trees. In your original post you asked about how a particular GM put something in his world & predictably people explained both how and some sources for further inspiration/guidance that range from old editions to various settings.Being able to do this kinda stuff rather than slavishly follow the rules & setting docs with no interpretation, embellishment, or original creativity is one of the cornerstones of being a great gm by many standards of judgement. If you just dismiss it and expect the gm+everything the GM's world to be bound by the exact same rules as written as the beginning middle and end then you might as well be playing a computer game.

As to your other post, I'm not sure the point since A: It's been a few days with no discussion, & more importantly B: You don't seem to be asking or looking for anything in particular for people to help flesh out for you. People answering your question about a particular gm's game by telling you about GM'ing are answering your question even if it's not the kind of answer you expected.

Hope that helps