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I think you might be missing the forest through the trees. In your original post...
The original post here was to help clarify my understanding of the spell in how it was supposed to behave as per the text, as seeing an example of it behaving differently to what I expected had me scratching my head if my interpretation was off.
The discussion also highlighted to me some details that should be accounted for if I'm to proceed with houseruling the spell in a different way than RAW and RAI.

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As to your other post, I'm not sure the point since A: It's been a few days with no discussion, & more importantly B: You don't seem to be asking or looking for anything in particular for people to help flesh out for you.
The point of the other post is to get a good and clean spell text ironed out. Most faults, misunderstandings and arguments start because two people read the same thing and disagree on their meaning. It's generally a good idea to have many eyes pick apart a homebrew to find where the language could use tightening up for clarity, as someone is bound to see something I've missed. Hence having the intentions dot-pointed outside of the spell text and colour coding where the changes are.
After which I'll take the modified version of the spell and add it to my DM folder so I have a reference and not need to keep it memorised.
Plus: sharing. There have been a few minor tweaks to the game I've adopted because someone put their version up on the forums to share and critique.