The whole group laughs even more at Deirdre's statement, but Professor Jones then holds up a hand to quiet everyone. He then nods to Izzy as he answers said question. "Everybody, listen up. I have important news! We've actually been hired by outsiders, no more simple contact expeditions for our group, eh?" He gives a beaming smile. "A landlord, named Mr. Steven Knott, has recently purchased a new home down in Boston. However, he got the house on the cheap, only to realize that he's been unable to sell it or rent it out, you see..." He pauses for dramatic effect, "Rumor has it the house is haunted!"
Everyone gives a slight gasp, even professor Avebury makes a quiet "Oh my indeed..."
The professor holds up his hands, "Now, Mr. Knott thinks that this is all just some hogwash after the previous tenants were involved in a tragedy, vagrants and whatnot putting a bad name, but nonetheless he wants the house's name cleared, so he's put us up to the task! Now, my hope is that we can gather a group of us, head down for a while, maybe during the week-long semester break, and see what turns up."
Immediately the two students buzz excitedly at the prospect of investigating an actual haunted house ("Can ya' imagine investigatin' a haunted house?" and "My lord, what a find professor, I can't help but wonder what secrets lie in that house."). Meanwhile, Professor Avebury, while not as eager as the other two does look somewhat surprised, after all, he just joined this club a couple of weeks ago and they're already having yet another excursion? Wow.