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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetrasodium View Post
    I'm not sure what specific tweet we are talking about
    Me either. They were originally only brought up as a side note and were not intended to be the focal point of discussion. For context: Posts #6, #7, #8, #12 for the exchange between myself and JackPhoenix.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tetrasodium View Post
    discussion seems to have skipped passed it & started straight to pounding the table over how crawford's tweets are official & others are not without ever quoting or linking to whatever it was he said.
    At this point I don't think anyone here is arguing that certain tweets are official rulings. And unless there is something in topic diversion that is going to loop around back to the discussion on Teleportation Circles, I have very little interest in it for this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tetrasodium View Post
    I have to agree with Yunru here, you need only look at how he justifies dragonborn breath weapon in wildshape to "anything with a mouth-like orifice" in the druid podcast then ignores both RAW, RAI, and 100% of the guidance he himself gave in the druid podcast to rule in conflict with all three on warforged integrated protection in wildshape as a particularly glaring recent example. It's ok to be wrong, the problem comes with him being too unwilling to correct himself
    ^ is this about teleportation circles? Because this sound more like trying to force in a discussion about a disliking of Jeremy Crawford instead of engaging in the thread topic.
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