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See this is where I disagree.
For me the things he does are clearly evil and as long as I don't have other information this would makd me judge him as evil if this was for example a D and D campaign.
Yes, it is possible that he is an avatar of law and good inside, but he has a brain maggot inside that telepathically forces him to be evil - theoretically - but the most easily fitting explanation of his actions is just that the person is evil and that's that.
I said explicitly that these actions aren’t compliant with a Good alignment, so I don’t know why you took the most uncharitable way for him to be non-evil and acted as if that’s what I’m saying. What I am saying is that yes, these actions are clearly Evil, but what we know about him is that he’ll capture Han for Vader and Jabba, an Evil action and if you have to give him an alignment based on this it would be Evil, but that is one thing, and trying to give anyone an alignment based on one thing that he’s actually done is an exercise in futility that one shouldn’t do.
and of course that some other works I have seen Fett in show fairly clear non-Evil alignments