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Well to be clear you said no-good which includes neutral as I understand D&D.
And for me this simply isn't neutral, neither with Boba nor with Enor&Ganji.

Sorry if you feel misunderstood, this is what I meant.
You misunderstood why I feel misunderstood, I do think Boba Fett is Lawful Neutral in the (old) EU, I took offense to you saying that it is possible “he is an avatar of law and good inside, but he has a brain maggot inside that telepathically forces him to be evil”, which I feel is a pretty absurd representation of my beliefs, as Boba Fett is very clearly not good (if you really want to know why I think he’s LN ask and I’ll give my reasonings) and I said he isn’t. I don’t really take offense with the idea that Fett is Evil (he definitely gets close), but I don’t like the idea of taking the one action we’ve seen the man take (which isolated from motivations is Evil) and using it to give an example on how to be any alignment or extrapolate anything about the dude (I find say, trying to find General Chang’s alignment just as ridiculous).

But back to the original topic of this thread, Gannji and Enor’s alignment The reasons they are Neutral (as opposed to Evil, cause they are very clearly not Good) are: they try to avoid killing people as much as possible, their motivations are mostly just having yummies, they mostly take criminals and other not great people in (they were hired to arrest the Linear Guild), they show sympathy to workers (or well, sort of, what they see as workers, not Good after all) and finally are currently involved in a resistance to overthrow an Evil government for free.

But one question, who would you see as Neutral? It feels like your definition excludes one of the core ways to be Neutral so I am legitimately asking this.