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Now some rules questions.
  1. In general, do you feel bound by rules judgings that TiaC has given for the previous Vanishing Three Card Blind game?
  2. How does Blacker Lotus work? It was already banned at the start of the first thread, so I can't see the judgement for it.
  3. Is Richard Garfield, Ph.D. allowed?
  4. We aren't allowed to use vanguard avatars, schemes, planes, phenomenons; and we can't start with a conspiracy in the command zone, and though technically you can have a three-card sealed booster with a conspiracy in it in your sideboard, there's no way to put it to the command zone from there, right?
1) The only card rulings that could be somewhat ambiguous are R&D Secret Lab and Mishra's Toy Workshop. I'm tempted to effectively ban the lab by ruling that only the gatherer text is used, not any original card text because it's a mess when you specifically ignore clarified card rulings. For the Toy Workshop, what you spend the mana on has to directly put a token into play, not potentially do it later.
2) It wasn't banned at the beginning of the original thread and yeah, it's just a lotus with an extra mana that can't be recurred.
3) Yes but I'm ruling that it loses unless the person who plays it provides an example of a card they choose to mimic winning (unless it's an obvious vanilla card). If they can search it and find a winning one, fine but I'm not looking through all of them myself. Especially when with Fae of Wishes and a sideboard of 3 cards, you've got up to 6 different mana costs you can work with (depending on how you treat interactions with Garfield and adventure) and cast when you have a blue storage land. I doubt many decks would let you get there but if they do, it's on you to find a solution.
4) Correct, those cards are only allowed in special rounds at this stage.