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Now you are talking about games that you really loved.
I'm trying to think of the worst game I have ever played more than once, and I don't mean a stupid pay-to-win MMO that I logged in to more than once in order to get an achievement.

It might be "Lords of Magic", which is a cross between an RPG and a turn based strategy game, only it has real time battles with obtuse controls. Also, magic units have to use the same pool of magic for in-battle and strategic spells and healing takes way too long.

Or maybe it is one of the obscure entries in the sim universe, like sim park or sim safari. They weren't horrible, but they were trying too hard to be educational to be fun.

It might be a game for consoles called, if memory serves, "Fantavision", where you were supposed to get points by exploding fireworks. The problem was that it was not well designed, so the game turned into a mashfest.

Then there is "Jak X: Combat Racing", though that might have just been the disk I was playing on. It would bug out seemingly after every race. The game was a not very good mariocart clone with guns.