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I can't say how much your statement depresses me, yet it doesn't surprise me much (which, come to think of it, is depressing itself)

Sorry I missed that. So you want examples of neutral characters?

This may surprise you, but I think most stormtroopers might be neutral. (because I assume most were likely pressed into service, given what the empire initially was probably modeled after (RW example).

I don't judge people if they need to do bad things when forced, or to survive.
Boba and Enor and Ganji are all depicted as freelancers. As in: they Freely chose to hunt down anybody the evil empire wants. They even take pride in their profession.

Enor and Ganji only started fighting Tarquin AFTER he betrayed them. That doesn't make them neutral or good in any way shape or form in my eyes.

Most bystanders in Star Wars are probably neutral.
But since Star Wars is a fairy tale about Good VS Evil, it is not surprising that most named characters fall firmly on either side.

Speaking of which, Han Might have been neutral at the start of Episode 4. He didn't care for others, but also didn't do evil stuff. Textbook neutral I would say.
..... So Han, who worked for the evil Jabba, was Neutral. And stormtroopers, who work for the evil Empire (and are elite troops, unlike regular army (which we see in Solo)) are Neutral, but Fett who does jobs for Jabba and the Empire is Evil.