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elite military force that swears allegiance to the Emperor
"elite". Yeah, yeah I know, they let them go in ANH and plot armor and stuff, but it still makes me smile.
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Neutral means nothing
Yup, you got that right.

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For Good people to do evil things and retain their alignment they either have to like, regret it on-screen and work to fix it, or be very Good in all other situations, so yes technically Fett could have a Good alignment, but I find the situation that gives him one to require quit a bit of character development and a fairly absurd amount or changing the character, which maybe could have been said, but that wasnít really the point, my point is that while Fettís one action was Evil the character could fairly easily fit into any non-good alignment with it.
Interesting, I don't remeýber Han regreting any of his past misdeeds, though. Also what do evil characters who do good things have to do to retain their alignment?

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1. No it isnt, but not taking pleasure in killing certainly helps as well as the fact that he (mostly) kills in self-defense.
You still talking about the guy that Vader felt the need to single out when insisting the quarry be brought alive and not disintegrated? But if not taking pleasure in killing is not enough not to qualify as evil and killing and capturing people for an evil dictatorship and murderous crimelords is not enough to qualify I wonder what it would take for Bobba to be evil in your eyes.

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2. Probably, but G&E would try to avoid killing them and if they found they liked them for some reason might let them go
Source? Also remember, they tried to kill Roy for asking questions.
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and Fettís neutrality mostly comes from the good he does off-jobs
Which aren't shown in the movies are they? Yet you still claimed that based solely on the movie Fett could be any non-good.
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3.Do they know that the empire loves propaganda? And does the Empire frame people? Cause Han was guilty of every crime he was accused of.
Which were none. Vader and Jabba just put a price on his head. And considering that Fett is not volunteering to serve the Empire he has not to buy their propaganda. As for Gannji&Enor, have you seen Bleedhaven?