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    As Starislav stops dodging, letting several of the monks' strikes impact on him with no effect, the two warriors actually hesitate for a moment. Momentarily their attacks stop, as their eyes size him up. Though they do not fall out of their stances, something about his actions has shaken them.

    Spoiler: OOC
    The monks had to make morale checks here, but succeeded.

    "Show it to us, then. Your own Unfettered Will." one finally says as they step forward again, just in time to meet the bogatyr's advance. In an act of defiance that would be crazed coming from any other man, he does not attempt to dodge Starislav's shield bash, instead opting to slam his forehead directly into the hunk of metal and meeting the pain literally head-on. Amazingly, this does not seem to slow the monk down. From there, he twists around your own incoming headbutt, making it go wide.

    Quickly, the monks and several cultists move in to attack, each attacking you with all they have. In a rather frightful twist for them, many cultists end up simply breaking their weapons or hurting their hands on your steel-like skin, taking them out instead of you.

    Spoiler: Starislav
    These monks are tough. Really damn tough. Not nearly as tough as you are, but still considerably more so than you average human. You don't think they'd survive something like a breath of fire or being erased by your magic powers, but if you used some of your powers of Endurance to perform a focused, untiring flurry of blows, you may be able to wear them down more easily without killing them.

    Spoiler: OOC
    An Endurance-based Divine Wrath smite could take out the monks non-lethally. Divine Wrath never misses and deals 2d8 damage to a single target at your current level, so it may be worth the Effort.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Starislav faces attacks from the two monks and the mob of cultists. Your AC is already included in these attacks, so it'll only hit on a total result of 20.

    Talking Monk:
    (1d20+8)[21] for a potential (1d8)[2] = 1 damage.
    (1d20+8)[15] for a potential (1d8)[2] = 1 damage.

    Quiet Monk:
    (1d20+8)[19] for a potential (1d8)[6] = 2 damage.
    (1d20+8)[12] for a potential (1d8)[1] = 1 damage.

    (1d20+2)[8] for a potential (1d6)[6] = 2 damage.

    Meanwhile, Rem's words just do not quite seem to hit the mark with these enraged cultists. In fact, in response to her words, one of the younger fighters, a boy of perhaps 13 years tosses an easily dodged rock in her direction.

    "Shut up, foreigner! I fight because I want to be free!"

    Several of the still standing believers give shouts of desperate confirmation, doubling down on their attacks despite the goddess' aura continuing to take out more and more of them by the second. Those of them who fail to resist it either drop to the ground in fear, or end up running away entirely, their courage failing them. Luckily, the hope infused within your magic should be enough to prevent any permanent damage, and by this point enough of the cultists have dropped out that only a third of them remain standing. Soon, they should all be cleared out.

    More annoyingly, the monks' renewed courage down on the ground leads them to meet Rem's sword attack in a rather unorthodox manner. One of them meets the blade with his bare hands, catching it in an effort that almost topples him over.

    Spoiler: Rem
    The resilience of these warriors is getting somewhat worrying at this point. Then again, it might be to your advantage. Your instincts as a healer tell you that if they can take blows like those from Starislav without flinching, it may be possible to hit them with a controlled blast of lightning or to drain their life force without killing them. This may be more effective than attempting to battle them normally.

    Even so, they physically still appear to be human. You would be wise not to chose an attack that would tear them apart.
    Spoiler: OOC
    The monks look like they'd be able to survive certain forms of Divine Wrath smites. Divine Wrath never misses and deals 2d8 damage to a single target at your current level, so it may be worth the Effort.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Rem faces only an attack from the cultist mob. Your AC is already included in these attacks, so it'll only hit on a total result of 20.

    (1d20+2)[6] for a potential (1d6)[4] = 1 damage.
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