Planned to post my world-wiki in it's own topic today but maybe this would interest you :

I went a bit nuts creating a World in wiki format for Exalted so I chose my naming convention based on the sort of Journey to the West conventions for some with a sprinkle of Shinto-esque deities. In a monotheistic religion usually you have one deity whose name basically just means God because there's no others really who sit on the same spectrum but in pantheistic religions it can be anything goes. Their names could be anything and the connotation with their responsibilities or source might have spawned the later words. Aphrodite possibly means "Foam" because of her origins of being born from the sea but her name becomes the source of "aphrodisiac" as an example.

I don't think it matters particularly what you name a deity because the society eventually equates the name with the idea over time anyway.