Sachni, Raka & Belginabo
The two warriors tear into the zombie, with Raka's sword gouging deep into its flesh, and Sachni's strikes breaking bone within its arms. The confused monster is barely standing by the time Belginabo runs it through, leaving the behemoth toppled on the ground beneath them. Cadenza's own smirk of superiority turns to a look of shock as Belginabo's friends are able to down her squire so swiftly. She glares at the smug gnome, evidently enraged by this turn of events. "You..."

Belginabo's never before managed to make someone quite this angry. And that's impressive given a few of his past feats: he thought he'd hit a high watermark back on the isle. But with the goblin warrior and Jalmeran monk at his back, Cadenza knows that the odds are thoroughly against her. And unlike her bodyguard, the little knight is apparently capable of self preservation. With a grimase, she flies straight forward, zipping past the group and shattering the foreman's window with a strike of her scythe. As she withdraws through a shower of glass deeper into the darkness of the outlying tunnels, she calls out behind her. "You won't get away with this. Enjoy your loot, thieves! You're not leaving this mine alive!"

Sooo.... yeah, I think this fight is over. Fun fact, according to PF2 core this encounter should have been the most extreme level of threat I could throw at a party of 3. I guess if Cadenza fought to the death, you'd take some hits, possibly even lose someone but wooow... I'm gonna need to take care when challenging you guys.

You're welcome to search the room more thoroughly. BTW, Belginabo, I'd like a Perception check for you outside of 'search the room'. There's something you might pick up on about Cadenza as she leaves.

Ellie, Zarrachia & Adria
The light of Sarenrae washes across the battlefield. It doesn't seem to do much to the Augurs, but the remaining members of the party rally behind it, surging forward as their wounds close. Koma is on the spikeball that'd been threatening Ellie, once again tearing and slashing at it as Ody tries to steady his aim and shoot some arrows of his own into the thing. Nihnin is with Zarrachia, jabbing her spear towards the monster's eye while Peridora charges forward behind her. The little mage utters a few brief arcane words, and gestures: her hand now becoming wreathed in sparks as she tries to hold back her fear and bring her palm down on the creature's eye.

Ohkay, thanks to Adria, the NPCs are actually doing really great. They all just got healed to full, and that's left nobody with persistent bleed. Go team 'not the baddies'

(d20+10)[25] Attack - Damage (d6+5)[8]
(d20+6)[8] Attack - Damage (d6+5)[7]

(d20+8)[26] Attack - Damage (d8+3)[5]
(d20+3)[4] Attack - Damage (d8+3)[6]
(d20-1)[14] Attack - Damage (d8+3)[4]

(d20+8)[14] Attack - Damage (d6)[3]
(d20+3)[13] Attack - Damage (d6)[3]
(d20-1)[0] Attack - Damage (d6)[6]

(d20+6)[25] Attack - Damage (2d12)[19] and (1d4)[3] Persistent Electrical