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    Zarra grins at the last remaining Augur. "One last little egg to break. I've got a bottle of ooze squeezings that goes to whoever finishes this thing off."


    1. Demotivate: (1d20+6)[16]

    As the final orb begins to glow, Zarra scoops a handful of gravel from the floor and flings it at the creature.


    2. Feint: (1d20+6)[19]

    Probably not likely, but a critical success from a scoundrel would mean the augur is flat-footed to everyone.

    Leaving the Augur in the capable hands of her new teammates, Zarra makes a quick check of the weaker members of the team to see if any need first aid.


    Zarra doesn't have a med kit, but she is trained in Medicine. She checks to see if any need to be stabilized, particularly the NPC goblins who just got hit by the last Harm.
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