"Thanks, Adria, but I think I'm still good from your last dose." She pulls a pouch of three vials out of her pack. "Hey, Ellie? I found these a ways back, some ooze products. Do you recognize any of it? You're welcome to anything useful, I think it was your firebomb that finally did the little demon in."

Wiping dried blood off her face, Zarra goes to examine the fallen foe.

"Odd. The things we faced so far have been undead. These look like outsiders."

She gently pries at the bladed exterior of a dead Augur with her sword. "These things look like somebody's sick idea of a pain demon. Something out of the shadow realms, maybe. Disgusting things."


Anything about these things come up in Nexian history? Lore: (1d20+5)[6]

"Those doors, though. That's the seal of Nex. I can't imagine these things were Nex's guard dogs."