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    Ellie, Adria & Zarrachia
    Peridora looks a little confused at Adria's question, seemingly not sure why she should've found this encounter any more frightening than the things that came before. Intense, scary, but terrifying? Then realization dawns. "Oh! That's right, you're not from here!" From anyone else, that remark might've been snide. From Peridora, it's more a dig at herself for not remembering Adria's perspective. She quickly tries to explain. "Outsiders are a lot more common in Nex than most places. There's planar gates and rifts all across the region. In Quantium, angels, demons and elementals walk through the streets, doing business just like anybody else."

    The conversation has seemingly drawn Peridora into philosophical contemplation. The little wizard hums. "It's scary if you think about it, given how powerful creatures from other planes are... but I guess we grow used to it over time. Geb has undead lords. We have friends from other worlds who help us." She grins, happy to take her mind off the blood on her tunic and onto something she can feel some pride in. "There's even a spirit of the night breeze who sits on the Council of Nine as an equal. Master Phade, the Lord of Spies. Nex believes in equality for all!"

    Koma and Nihnin both look dishevelled, while Ody looks a little guilty that he'd managed to dodge the augurs' blades and blasts quite so efficiently. The two senior goblins both nod to Adria, walking over to her. It's simple enough to cast the spell, bringing a portion of Sarenrae's healing light across the congregation. Just as it was coming to a close however...

    "Hey! Are you all alright? What happened?"

    A voice comes out of the darkness that lies beyond the bronze gate. Soon enough, it's joined by a flap of wings as a small creature flits towards the party. It looks like a tiny man, with grey skin, pointed ears, no hair upon its head and four batlike wings that flap upon its back. It's clad in a uniform tunic that looks... strangely close to the one Zarrachia is wearing, and bears a dark brown wand with a silver tip, jabbing it experimentally through the air as if he expected more augurs to emerge any second.

    Close on his heels is a second one of the creatures, this one a touch more heavyset and carrying a crossbow. He looks the seven strange visitors over with a frown, before beckoning behind him. "Get inside! Quick, quick, no need to worry! Nex's Own Guard holds this gate - nothing gets past us!"

    Spoiler: Free Knowledge - Ellie, Zarra
    As natives of Geb, you're familiar with these creatures. They're homunculi. They're a pretty simple construct, you see them all the time in Oenopion. They're usually quite a bit more basic than this though. An individual homunculus can vary with a skilled crafter, particularly a ruthless one willing to infuse a soul into its construction, but most have limited independent thought and work within preprogrammed logic. They're usually used for simple labour that takes advantage of their wings - messenger homunculi are more common than pigeons in Oenoipon.

    Sachni, Belginabo, Raka
    The little pink haired harridan is soon out of sight, flying down one of the mine's countless side tunnels. From somewhere deep in the mine, the three companions can hear little muffled sounds: the patter of paws, the flap of wings, a low yet carrying howl. It's becoming more and more apparent that this mine is far less deserted than was thought, and that the slimes are far from the only inhabitants of these lower levels. They are nowhere near you yet, but with the noise of fighting, it may only be a matter of time before some fell creature investigates.

    For now however, the day has been won and Raka, Sachni and Belginabo stand triumphant in the villain's lair: with a slain necrotic warrior, a ritual circle and a weighty looking pile of books and correspondence littering the desk. With a little time here, they might be able to discover what threat has come to the depths of Oenopion, and what its next move might be. If they're truly lucky, they may even find some tools to help in destroying their apparent antagonist.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Said it on Discord, but a reminder here. Everyone take 320 XP - this should bring your total up to enough to hit level 2, with 60 still remaining.

    LVL UP

    Apply level up bonuses now, both parties either currently have or will shortly have a chance for resting, and the Gate group are about to receive a chance at an eight hours rest (bringing you closer into the same time period as the Rescue Party once they're done exploring) Further, I say a new session begins now! All players hereby receive a Hero Point, and... well if this triggers anything else, be sure to let me know!
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