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    Default Re: Return of the MTG: Vanishing Three Card Blind - Once upon a time there was a 3CB

    Gauntlet: that depends on what you mean by obvious decks. I certainly expect that many decks will run some disruption (discard, counterspell, land destruction, Balance etc). In particular, even with Chancellor of the Annex out, I expect that my decks may be disrupted in my first turn even on my play. I thus won't run decks that can't defend themselves and need all three of their cards, eg. Black Lotus, Channel, Mistcutter Hydra (update: Black Lotus, Black Lotus, Barren Glory may be a better example). I am also avoiding Balance because I have some irrational dislike of that card. I think that makes the obvious decks the ones that use some form of discard, counterspells, or land destruction. I'm not trying to avoid those.

    There's still some mind game in whether to use Black Lotus because it's the best mana source, or avoid it and use mana sources that won't be countered by Force of Will. Perhaps this is what you mean above. I think Black Lotus is still worth, mostly because it will be out very soon, so there won't be another opportunity to use it. There's a larger choice in the other efficient mana sources, and most of them are not fast enough for the current meta. Perhaps the only exception is Mishra's Workshop.
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