Arkine gazed up at the magnificent stage upon which Lord Hulrun would soon be standing. She’d been to Armasse several times in the past, of course, but seeing all the smiling faces was always a pleasant sight, compared to the usual downtrodden looks of the citizens. She and her sister had managed to get a relatively good view of the stage, to which she offered a short prayer to Desna for. Later in the day, she planned to part in the mock duels; she learned a good deal of her fighting skills training with knights and crusaders during Armasse in years past, and she feels the need to pay back her community. Besides, combat helps distract her from her worries, and with her flashy fighting style and unique weapon, she has been a fan favorite for several years.

She turns towards her sister, a mischievous glint in her eye. “Hey Gisa, wanna fight me in a mock battle later? I bet the crowds would just lap it up,” she says with a laugh and a smile.