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"Doesn't matter where a hired gun's from. But I'm not a former raider either if you were going to ask about that." she then... well, ignore is a strong word. She doesn't initiate further conversation but if the earth pony has any legit questions, or statements, she's not stopping him. Eventually he'll say what he wants and despite her low opinion of the guy, better him than that reindeer trying to get her to dance while performing delicate maintenance.
Doc sits down, he watches the pegasus tinker. "Nah, you weren't a raider. For one thing, you were a professional out there when we found the alicorn; eyes were always on the target. The other, the condition of your weapon is too immaculate," he says, pointing with a gesture of his snout rather than pointing with a hoof. "That's a... Pranci SPAS-12, right? Beautiful weapon."