"Yeah, she did. Hang on..." Glint stopped looking at Doc moments ago, her aqua eyes narrowing at the newcomer.

"HEY! WALRUS!" apparently Mr. Mustache isn't the only pony around who can be loud, "Either can it or pick on somepony you can't have fired, why don't you!? We all got enough problems without out you trying to sack the staff around here!" she gives Minion a look. If he tries to have her fired, "Glint's" got her back. Also, she wants a second coffee.

"Jeez, it's a crazy train, but it's not her damn fault..." she growls, considering the matter settled, " The nerve of some stuffedshirts.
Anyway, yeah, she did. Don't tell me you charmed your way on board too?"
It's as if her outburst didn't occur, but to Doc she seems a little more cooperative now to speak with him. ...Just what did she have pent up before this!?

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