As she listens, Shyndra inspects the situation of the woman with rubble on her leg. First, she tries to see if she can wake the woman, to make sure she is alive. Next she attempts to move the rubble, taking care to make sure it does not cause anymore damage. She also calls over her cousin to assist her.

Spoiler: Helping the Injured
Perception check to make sure there is no imminent threat to removing said rubble (1d20+7)[10]
*Not that it will come into play just yet, but Shyndra has Darkvision 120 ft rather than the normal 60 ft and she also has Low-light vision in situations in which she has enough light to determine color.

Wisdom check to determine severity of wounds. I am not trained in Heal, so not sure what this effort is worth, but (1d20+3)[7]

Strength check to move the rubble if necessary (taking 20 during the speech), so 22
If this wakes the woman, Shyndra will try to calm her a bit, not that she is effective at this, though (1d20-2)[3]

After the rubble is moved, Shyndra attempts to cast Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1)[9]
If necessary touch attack roll (1d20+5)[9]