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    To Quoth, "I see the cold even slows the travel of information." He should have heard of her since he was in Rainbow Resort. "You must have an eye for talent. Most of those 'prodigies' lacked the character to survive out in the Frozen North. Not everypony is destined to travel such an inhospitable environment. Travel at length at least." She smirks. "Thank you for your well wishes. Everyone needs luck on their side from time to time. The wasteland is harsh." She looks interested when he mentions he has a title. She asks with a bit of excitement, "Registered title? Are you a part of The Regulators? Quoth the Raven. The title fits a regulator very well."

    She smiles at him. "I do love a good book, any book. I prefer non-fiction if you are ever kind enough to share with me. Libraries have much the same horrible fate. I do wish I got to experience the massive libraries and bookstores of the past. You were very lucky to live in the golden age of books." Her fork has stopped moving at this point. "As a fellow reader you must know I would want to know the location of any libraries or bookstores. I do not care if feral ghouls inhabit the place. We can group up and clear them out. I am willing to spend my food caps on any worthwhile rumors."

    "More books are being lost everyday than new books written. Not enough ponies have a passion or ability for writing. That is why I am going to write as many books as I can! I want future ponies to read something that is not two hundred years old. I want them to fall in love with our stories, our lives and struggles. I want to fuel their passion to learn and read." She looks over to Two Bit. "He seems like a good colt. Polite. He is the type of young pony I want reading everyday."

    She says to Golden, "I have never been to Neighagara falls, but I do listen to their radio channel. I feel like I already know city. Though, I am happy to have such a capable guide to actually show me around." She says to Quoth. "Neighagara does seem to care about being a good place to live. The place seems to have had some success." She is glad to hear from Golden and Quoth the place is decent. The change in comfort from the Resort to any other place is going to be staggering. She could have picked a worst first to visit.

    To Roxy, "An odd job specialist. Wonderful. I am a freelancer as well. I do whatever fits my fancy and is worth the caps. Food does not grown on trees." She chuckles at her own joke. "You seem capable of handling yourself. You do have this rough air about you that intimidates away trouble. I like that. A commanding presence is too rare a trait. I am hoping to write and publish books as I travel around. Share my stories with the world." She smiles at Roxy. "Are you interested in being a character in my books?"
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