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Thread: MTG Share your Card Designs II

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    Quote Originally Posted by gooddragon1 View Post

    <cardname> 1w
    Creature - Spirit Wizard
    When this creature enters the battlefield, you may choose a face up enchantment card you own in exile. You may cast the chosen card until end of turn. If you do, exile the chosen card at end of turn.

    Doesn't put it in hand either, you have to cast it that turn. Also, it doesn't stick around on its own. You'd have to bounce it or something.
    I think I already know the ideal target for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by -D- View Post
    I don't really know what "If you do, exile the chosen card at end of turn." is trying to achieve? Is it supposed to exile card after casting?
    It means you get the rest of the current turn with the enchantment, but then you have to put it back.

    Personally, I'd actually say it should be shuffled into its owner's library at the end of the turn instead. Otherwise, multiple copies of <cardname> would work a little too well together, especially with the existing card I linked.
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