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    The Auction
    "Enter into this giant fish pavilion for the Auction, non-Cats, and I, Mitzi the Grand Auctioneer, will show you around." A small, lithe grey tabby she-cat with grey eyes and a pink bow and bell stands at the entrance of the pavilion and pads, tail high in the air, to the end room. As the other rooms are passed, voices of the other Auctioneers can be heard.

    "Fer a fluff-wutt that chick don't have muchuva mud-side manner. Ya sure ya wan her in charge, smooth-scales?" Sue, Auctioneer representing Kraikr and the Cagun, tries and fails to whisper conspiratorily through the sheer cloth wall. "She seemed the most grumpy and least likely to take flack from anyone..." Azdak, the Auctioneer representing Kwiziko and the Ndodan tribes, sighs and worriedly wrings her tail. On the other side of the hallway, "Ya Azdak! I cannae promise I wilnae bite if a horned dog shows up." Gar, Auctioneer for the Theseons reminds the already stressed Ndoda. " "Minotaurs, Gar. The Rothuun are Minotaurs. Please don't start a fight in your room or it'll probably spill into mine." Jefferson, Auctioneer for the Carides of Wonderland, cut in as he restlessly tapped his twenty fingers and adjusted his sunglasses.

    "If you no-furs are done, I would like to finish." Mitzi hissed at the others before continuing. "I will handle the bidding for my planet's Learning Center and take questions to prove to me you are worthy of becoming part of the Fluffy Cats' culture. If you have a lot you wish to place for auction, I will also handle those bids after you arrange the lot with me. My station is at the end of the pavilion where the comfiest cushions are. Bidding for the other planets' Learning Centers will be handled by my companions in their less comfortable rooms. If there are no questions, I will be sunbathing on the table. Do not pet me." She curled up onto a cushion on the table, front paws dangling off the table, and looked as though she were napping.

    Spoiler: Pavilion Layout

    Two shuttles of designers and interior decorators had worked through the night to create the Auction Pavilion on the bank of the lake close to the entrance of the park. Created from wooden staves and bright bolts of Entabeni Cloth, the Ndodan Auction Pavilion takes the shape of a Nemikhomo, body lying on the ground emerging from the lake, fins outstretched, and mouth open to serve as the entrance. The inside of the pavilion is one long, semicircular hall with four rectangular spaces separated by walls of sheer cloth, two on either side of the hallway with one large rhomboid room at the end and a smaller lobby area in the entrance. The two fins also create smaller, triangular private rooms for discussion away from prying eyes and ears, created by thicker cloth. Each rectangular space represents one region held by the Ndoda with an open Learning Center available for auction, while the fifth, largest space is an area where all other lots can be auctioned as they are arranged.

    Very Rough Map:
    Entrance is on the far right. The room for Lot 5 and all other players' bids are on the far left. Top row moving left to right is Lot 3 and Lot 1, underneath those are Lots 4 and 2, respectively.

    Spoiler: Auctioneers

    Mitzi Mooscat - Close friend to Neko Jr., Mitzi is a young but cunning business-cat. She has a short but beautifully striped grey and black coat with a golden undercoat coming in as a sign of incoming maturity, mischievous gray eyes, and likes to wear a bell. She isn't quite sure how the Fluffy Cats ended up joining a group of scaled and skinned races, but grudgingly agrees that they at least had their uses in getting rid of the scientists. A faithful Cat Worshipper, Mitzi is willing to put in a good word about other religions only if the Fluffy Cats get a good deal out of it. After all, cats are still supreme.

    Sue Cash - An adult male Cagun still covered in a light coating of mud from home. Scale color is indistinguishable from the green-gray mud, but the sparking of yellow eyes will tell anyone that it's the hands you need to watch. After careful deliberation with the elders, the Cagun agreed to send him as representative to weed out potential visitors and see who was worthy to share their sacred recipes with the Cagun.

    Azdak Uqulomba - An adult female Ndoda from the cave-dwelling tribes. A merchant by trade, Azdak has had a distinguished career as a member of many successful expeditions, a history that is shown in the myriad of colorful gems and tokens that decorate her woven vest and pants. Like all Ndoda, her shoulders, legs, and tail are unhindered by bindings. She has pale white scales, light red eyes, and is thankful for the Entabeni Cloth of the pavilion protecting her from sunburn.

    Gar Gundo - A young male Theseon, Gar is the image of what a clean Sue Cash might look like. As their species are virtually identical (except for the mud and some minor cosmetic differences), Gar and Sue have gotten on like a swamp under water. Gar has yellow-gold eyes and primarily dark green scales striped with brown, and sees no reason to wear cloths when he's already comfortably warm.

    Jefferson Hat - An older male Caride, Jefferson has the typical pale skin and lean build. Jefferson tried to choose his best patchwork outfit for this event, a dark red affair with soft purple insides, dark boots, and thin gloves. Dark glasses cover his eyes to adjust for the brightness of this planet compared to the twilight of Wonderland.

    Spoiler: Process
    For the five Learning Center lots, address the Auctioneer assigned to that LC . The Grand Auctioneer is a final reference but her first priority is managing any bids that come in from other delegations and Lot 5 (LC in E19). Bids can be made on this thread or over PM, but any bid made over PM will be announced through the Auctioneer as "We have a new bid from an unnamed buyer" so everyone watching the thread will be up to date on the current bid. Lots will be kept up-to-date below.

    If you don't have a preference for which LC to bid on but want to bid on LC ownership, address bids to the Grand Auctioneer. Based on the number and value of other bids, a 'No-Preference' bid will be treated as a wild card able to buy an LC that hasn't been bid on or outbid a 'Preferential' bid of lower value.

    Bid Value:
    Some items are more valuable than others, but each Lot has different priorities and interaction with the Auctioneers can influence bid success. This is an example ranking system of bid value from low to high in descending order.

    Military Units
    Trade Posts
    Technologies, Cultural Identities, Doctrines, etc.
    Regions (depending on stability and ZOI distance)

    Successful Learning Center bids earn support for conversion. Theseon and Bast currently have philosophies and may require higher bids to appease and convince the faithful to convert without incident.

    Spoiler: Lots

    Lot 1 - Learning Center - Kwiziko (E21) - SOLD
    Lot 2 - Learning Center - Kraikr (F22) - SOLD
    Lot 3 - Learning Center - Theseon (D24) - SOLD
    Lot 4 - Learning Center - Wonderland (D22) - SOLD
    Lot 5 - Learning Center - Bast (E19) - SOLD
    Lot 6 - Learning Center - Monks of Pure Thought (E13) - CLOSED
    Lot 7 - Learning Center - The Dust Bowl (F14) - CLOSED
    Lot 8 - Learning Center - WinBig System (G13) - CLOSED
    Lot 9 - Learning Center - The Cosmic Cookie Jar (H14) - CLOSED
    Lot 10 - General - General Bdeh Kekkles, formerly of Melfynius, in service to the Rothuun - SOLD
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