Kanthus has never seen vermin this size before, and her brain seems to seize up at the sheer revulsion of seeing them writ large, but muscle memory keeps her from freezing entirely, sending one of her knives flying forward at the grub as it disgustingly wriggles its way out of the corpse. "Look out!" she cries to no-one as almost a reflex, having barely even registered the others' presence before this happened.

Still, if there was one thing she'd learned, when in doubt she'd act first and think later. Taking a moment to steady her aim, Kanthus lets fly with another dagger, already scrabbling in her cloak for her spares.

Spoiler: OOC
Not sure if you saw, Thunder999, but Kanthus had a readied action to throw her dagger at the first thing to jump out. She rolled a 15 to hit, and 5+5 sneak attack for damage.

Kanthus will take her move action to make the grub she's already attacked her Studied Target (assuming it is still alive), five foot step a bit closer, and throw her other dagger at it.

Thrown Dagger: attack (1d20+5)[13], damage (1d4+2)[5] + sneak attack (1d6)[2]