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    As Zo presses the button on the lightsaber hilt, he is surprised to find that it still does have power, as a shimmering green blade erupts from the hilt and into the air. The luminous apparition raises its lightsaber-like projection as in a salute, and then moves in for a strike before entering into a guard position. The strike comes quite slowly, and Zo is easily able to move the mummified Jedi's lightsaber into a position to deflect it - which he feels no force of impact when the apparition's blade makes contact.

    The apparition then rises up over Zo's head and descends to the floor behind him, within reach of both Zo and Trill. Trill, for her part, takes a step back and shines her flashlight directly at it again, almost as if trying to blind it, but at the same time, her stance also resembles a guard stance.

    Nodoa, in the back, steps farther back into the tunnel, and there is a shuddering, and the walls shake, and Nodoa turns around, then back toward Zo and Trill.

    Spoiler: OOC
    The apparition rolled one advantage on Zo and no successes, but it was moving sufficiently slowly that I should probably have used fewer dice (or more difficulty dice). Obviously you don't yet know what would (or wouldn't) happen if it hit you.
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