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Well, because it enables City synergies. There are creature cards that gain flying and vigilance as long as you control a City. And humans are super common. You get them in all five colors, with most of them being in white and black IIRC (talking about my set).
It's too heavy a downside and it's too parasitic. If you want cities to be a theme of your set they shouldn't also care about humans.
Have a look at how gates and desserts are implemented.

Why aren't you going to entertain the idea? Do you think green shouldn't get enchantment removal? You do realize color pie isn't a static thing and can change over time. Plus realize White is probably the weakest color at the moment.
First of that article was horrible.
Green has had enchantment removal for ages.
Bad ramp spells is not going to improve white's playability.
What colors are good varies all the time.
White already have some ramp, like Knight of the Orchid. You will damage the identity of green if white gets access to proper ramp.
The color pie exists for a reason.

You want to throw white a mechanic bone?

Taxation - 1W
Instant - U
Counter target spell unless its opponent pays 2.